Initial assessment and treatment

  • The horse will be assessed statically whereby any conformation issues will be noted as they may affect the horses performance and way of going.
  • Your horse will be assessed dynamically, being asked to walk and trot in a straight line and on a hard surface. Your horse will be viewed from the front, the rear and each side during this process to assess the evenness of the gaits and range of motion on each limb.
  • A full, current review will be taken from the owner or handler. The information required includes the current workload and training regime, the feeding programme, the horses housing programme along with any issues or concerns that the owner or rider may have.
  • Once all of this information has been gathered, the horse will then enjoy a full body massage which includes passive stretch exercises. Throughout the massage routine, Emma will explain the treatments being used and will highlight and explain any areas of concern to you.

Follow up treatments

  • Your horse will be assessed dynamically once again and any changes in routine, exercise or stable management will be discussed prior to treatment. An overview of the horses performance since the last session will be taken.
  • Your horse will then be treated with a full body massage and once again, any areas for concern will be discussed with the owner or handler.
  • The handler will be shown how to carry out simple passive stretch exercises on the horse enabling your horse to stay supple in between sessions.
  • You will be given documentation detailing any areas of discomfort found on the horse and any stretch recommendations as advised by Emma.