Each session will vary slightly in time dependent on how each horse adapts to the treatment, their tactile defence and any treatment that may be required. The initial treatment and session will last approximately 90 minutes with further follow up treatments lasting approximately 1 hour.


Our appointment times are very flexible. Weekend and Evening appointments are available. Please contact Emma to discuss appointments availability.


The initial assessment and treatment is £60.00 per horse
Further treatments are £50.00 per horse.
Discounts for 3 or more horses to be treated at the sane yard are available. Please contact us for further details on this.


Generally speaking, yes. It can often be beneficial to exercise your horse however, light exercise is recommended, for example, a steady hack. However, each horse is an individual and a post massage exercise plan will be discussed with you at the time of treatment.


This is specific to each and every horse. It is often dependent upon the amount of work or competition the horse is involved in or the extent of any sustained injury.


No. Equine massage therapy is not a substitute for veterinary treatment. However, Equisio Ltd will take referrals from your veterinarian once the horse has been approved for massage work.


Yes. It is our belief that continued passive stretch exercises along with an appropriate work programme will be of great benefit to your horse. With this in mind, you will taught how to correctly stretch your horse enabling you to keep him more supple between sessions.


Yes. Your horse may be working well and there may be no issues to treat however, a massage will still be of benefit to your horse. Your horse may have an underlying issue that you may not be aware of. If this is the case, massage therapy treatment will help improve your horse and this will be noticeable to you in your horses performance.


Yes! Equine massage therapy can greatly benefit the elderly horse. Please visit our Elderly horse page for more details.