Horses that have been in training and that have raced have worked especially hard, many from a very young age. Some horses have a very successful career in racing while others may only run a few times before being “retired” from the track. Many Ex Racehorses find new homes and go on to compete in other equestrian disciplines for many years however, sadly, some Ex racers are deemed “difficult” and sadly get passed from home to home.

We at Equisio fully support the retraining of racehorses and firmly believe the sports massage therapy is necessary for the horse in order for him to be able to adjust to different work and begin his new career.

Horses out of racing will often be rigid and stiff, finding it very difficult to flex and bend. They may struggle to canter on the correct lead and the braking system may be very limited. Racehorses are often used to “pulling hard” against the riders hands. This in itself can raise the head and cause muscles in the neck and back to contract.

Once the horse has retired from racing, these muscles are tight and full of tension and therefore cannot lengthen and flex as we would want them to for general riding purposes. We perhaps do not understand the physical difficulties the horse is encountering and continue to pursue the schooling programme. At this point the horse may begin to object because of pain and lack of physical ability.

It can then become a misconception that the horse is being “difficult”. Equine Sports Massage will begin to elevate tension and stiffness within the horses body. Emma will spend time discussing any areas of concern you may have and will then treat your horse, explaining each step of the process throughout.

Emma can then discuss schooling exercises to utilise alongside the massage therapy as part of your horses new schooling programme.

The Last King Of Scotland


106 starts on the flat
Winner of 13 races

Currently receiving regular massage therapy from Equisio
as part of his career change from Racehorse to Event horse.